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Ford Focus RS

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5 Reasons We Love the New Ford Focus RS

Even on its specs alone, the Ford Focus RS is one impressive vehicle. Its 2.3-liter turbocharged EcoBoost engine packs more than 315hp in addition to six-speed manual transmission and all-wheel drive. That's certainly enough to have car enthusiasts salivating, though a recent unveiling at the New York auto show shed further light on the Ford Focus RS. Here are five new reasons why I’m excited about the Ford Focus RS:

Super Efficient Wheels

The Ford Focus RS' standard wheels are 19-inch, but customers will have the option of upgrading to sleek black, forged 19-inch wheels that are a whole 1.5 pounds lighter per wheel. Similar to the standard wheels, the forged wheels have been fully tested and offer benefits like improved cooling – due to skinnier wheel spokes – and reduced brake dust. According to Ford Focus product marketing manager Omar Odeh, the cost for the lighter wheels "won't be exorbitant."

No More Frustrating Lifts

While some cars have the unfavorable characteristic of producing aerodynamic lift at high speeds, the Ford Focus RS prevents this, claiming to have zero lift up to 155mph. For these results, drivers can thank the car's rear diffuser, front splitter and rear wing, which has a gurney lip on its trailing edge to prevent aerodynamic lift.

Striking Exclusive Colors

The initial colors for the Focus RS are quite stunning. One is a pale-blue called Nitrous Blue that appears as a striking mixture of sky blue and lush green. Nitrous Blue won't be featured on any other Ford product, so its exclusive presence will certainly be appealing to collectors. The other colors are stealth gray, frozen white and shadow black. The brake calipers are Nitrous Blue on all Focus RSs.

Fully Embracing of New Technology

Let's face it: if you're buying a new vehicle, you'll want it to be decked out with up-to-date technology. This is exactly what the Ford RS offers. Features include a moonroof, heated seats, Bluetooth-compatible monitor and engine start-stop, which can help considerably with saving gas. The Focus RS is the only RS or ST product in the US with the start-stop feature, so chalk that up as another cool, exclusive feature.

Comfortable Steering Ratio

As steering is a huge part of driving, it's comforting to know that the Ford Focus RS features a quick fixed-ratio steering rack, which compared to the Focus ST offers "a more connected feel," according to Odeh. 

In addition to this feature, drivers can take further comfort in knowing that they have full access to customizing their tires. The aforementioned wheel upgrade features Michelin Pilot Cup 2 rubber, which in addition to the fixed-ratio steering rack provides drivers with a feeling of more control and connection than most other vehicles on the market.

It’s easy to see that the Ford Focus RS is attracting hype for good reason. After the New York auto show, its pre-release hype is continuing to build. The car is expected to go on sale in the spring of 2016, says Ford president of the Americas Joe Hinirichs. With the Focus RS being built in Saarlouis, Germany, European customers will have the first access to this hotly anticipated car. 

Scott Huntington writes on cars, sports, and the outdoors. Check out his blog,

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