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  1. 2003 SVT Turbo focus 76k miles

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    Under the hood: Turbo: Turbo was purchased and originally installed and tuned by Tom Custom T3 Turbocharger by Turbonetics Stainless Steel Turbo Manifold Wastegate (Turbonetics DeltaGate II) Greddy BOV 2 1/2" Down-Pipe for Turbo 1 7/8" Down-Pipe for Wastegate -Front Mount Intercooler - 3"...
  2. Has anyone else tryed to install a OBD2 HUD?

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    I just got my 2003 ford focus se wagon a few months ago and wanted one of thoese HUDS (heads up display) with RPM and spedo sensors (my guage cluster dosent have RPM). I got one for Christmas but every time I try and use it it's always showing the error saying my 2003 dosent support the OBD2...
  3. 2003 Focus - headlight issue

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    I have a 2003 Focus. When I turn my headlights on, only parking light comes on. Brights are fine. Low beams are not. How can I fix this myself?