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  1. TEAM Rigz
    I have a 2009 Focus SE Sedan and i just got into fixing it up due to a recent accident it encountered and thats how i found FJ. So here are some pictures of what ive done so far its nothing compared to what ive seen but its a start. Painted Some under hood components Painted the LCA, UCA...
  2. TEAM Rigz
    My GF and I went to go visit my parents up in Carson City Nevada this past Labor Day weekend and took this opportunity to take a few pics of my ride. Let me know what you guys think. Check out the crazy cloud in the background Here's one of my engine bay...
  3. Shift It
    Hello everyone! I need a little help from all you Focus masters out there. I recently came across a strange problem with my 2009 Ford Focus. I had to get my hydraulic fluid in my MTX changed (under warranty) because my clutch pedal travel between engaged to disengaged diminished by at least...
1-3 of 3 Results