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  1. Gray to Black Interior

    Mk I Interior Modifications
    Hey I just got my 2000 Focus ZTS and it has gray interior but i really like the look of the black interior (i got a great deal on this car otherwise i would've bought one with black interior). Since i didnt get the black interior i'm considering converting to black. I was wondering if anyone has...
  2. Labor Day Photoshoot! (warning lots of pics)

    TEAM Rigz
    My GF and I went to go visit my parents up in Carson City Nevada this past Labor Day weekend and took this opportunity to take a few pics of my ride. Let me know what you guys think. Check out the crazy cloud in the background Here's one of my engine bay...
  3. update on the "little red machine" lol

    TEAM Rigz
    these are some new pics i have of the car.. i did some changin of the interior a little :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: