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  1. EBC Brakes
    To see EBC’s pad & disc/rotor recommendations, just let us know what & how you drive, then leave the rest to us. The below link will take you to our interactive Brake Selector Tool, where basic questions on your car or motorcycle and driving style will determine the best recommendation for you...
  2. EBC Brakes
    Premium Fiesta race series will continue using EBC’s Apollo Big Brake Kits EBC Brakes Racing is pleased to announce it will continue to supply the regulation braking systems for cars competing in the BRSCC AIRTEC Motorsport Fiesta Championship throughout the 2022 season (within the Mk7...
  3. EBC Brakes
    The 2021 SEMA show was a great success, there were hundred of incredible cars around, from raised trucks to dropped lowriders, some classics from the 20th century as well as the latest and greatest new cars for 2021. The EBC stand saw a lot of footfall over the week, we want to thank everyone...
  4. Handling
    Hello . I am writing to you hoping to find a solution to the problem I have because no service and official Ford service can help me . Car is focus 2 1.8 tdci 115hp 2005y . My problem is related to abs . The problem is that when the abs is activated (snow, ice, sand), it does not want to stop...
  5. Ford SVT Focus Headquarters
    Hoping someone here can help me out. Symptom 1: My brakes get stiff when I push them more than once quickly, which led me to replace all the vacuum hoses, associated o-rings and gaskets. Even made my own smoke machine, found a small leak at the IMRC but considering my short and long term fuel...
  6. New Member Introductions
    i was wondering if it is even possible to ad anti-lock brakes to a car that doesn't have it and how much it would cost, and What would i need to get, in order to do this.
1-6 of 7 Results