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  1. Ford SVT Focus Headquarters
    I have a 02 focus svt was running good but I noticed at first in like 4th gear at the top end of the gear occasionally the car would like bog and lunge almost like a fuel cut? I thought it was possibly the clutch slipping. Diddnt always do it but a few weeks later the car will bog down as soon...
  2. MK I Tech
    I put in a clutch kit I got off of ebay on my 03 zx5 with the mtx 75 transmission and now when I release the clutch pedal there is a chattering noise coming from the transmission I feel like I obviously did something wrong and am working on getting it back apart now but if anybody has had this...
  3. Ford SVT Focus Headquarters
    hi all- I know an aluminum flywheel makes a big difference on these cars, but I race autox in a stock class so I need to keep the feel of the DMF. however, I dont want the clutch to go again after only 40k miles. are there any "stage 1" clutches available that use the stock flywheel setup...
  4. MK I Tech
    So, I'm 90% sure my clutch is fried. It doesn't launch hard and as I'm driving along at 60mph in 6th gear (02 svt, manual) if i get on the throttle more than enough to keep my speed, the rpm's go up and my speed stays the same. It also does this at low rpms in 4th and 5th gears. However no...
  5. Shift It
    I need to replace my slave cylinder on my 00 zts and i have a few questions. 1. The bolt for the ball joint on the steering knuckle is stuck. What's the best way to remove this, first i tried an impact gun and it wouldn't budge, ive put penetrating oil and let it sit for a while and it still...
  6. Shift It
    I need a new clutch 03 LX 2.0 SPi sedan. mileage is about 60k on it but i drive it really hard...which is why i need a new clutch. any ideas?
  7. New Member Introductions
    well more specific i need to replace my clutch. any suggestions on brand/installation techniques?
  8. Ford SVT Focus Headquarters
    Right now I have a Clutchmasters Stage 3 hooked up to a Fidanza FW after about 25K it is beginning to slip so I need a new clutch. I am thinking about the post-TSB style LUK kit that FS sells. My engine is pretty much stock and I have no desire to ever...
1-8 of 8 Results