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  1. TEAM Pit Stop
    Want to go to SEMA as a part of the Fiesta Movement? I am looking for somebody to my eyes and ears at the SEMA show next month! Due to my lack of vacation time, I need to find 4 people who want to be guests of the Fiesta Movement and check out the show. Interested? Well, here is what you need...
  2. TEAM Rigz
    Here is a sample of some of my Fiesta Movement pictures of the Ford Fiesta I am driving. For more pictures, reviews, and video’s, check out and
  3. TEAM Pit Stop
    I took the Fiesta to GingerMan Raceway last night for test and tune. Interested in how it performed? You can read about it here I should have video and pictures soon. The in car footage has the sound all messed up, so it will need be to edited or...
1-3 of 3 Results