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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hello everybady, Very nice to meet u!! I am Lucia who is very love Focus same to u. Hope can share more interesting things about Focus here. 😝
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hello everybady, Very nice to meet u!! I am Lucia who is very love Focus same to u. Hope can share more interesting things about Camry here.
  3. TEAM Focaljet: Florida
    I know I have read lots of threads on here about people boosting their focus. I purchased a cheap turbo kit from ebay and since I'm not well versed in turbos, I had a mechanic that my tire shop dealt with put it together. That was a big mistake. He ordered a different turbo than what I had...
  4. Ford SVT Focus Headquarters
    Hi I am in the process of rebuilding a 2003 SVT 2.0L Zetec VVT (170PS) Cylinder Head and I have 1 damaged Tappet Valve Bucket (Camshaft Bucket) Size 11.7456500 Part Number 2M5Z-6500-EA (Stamp Bucket 11775 (P530) if anyone has one available I would be grateful if you could sell it to me so I can...
  5. Zetec Tuning
    I am having a hard time locating a 170 degree thermostat for the Zetec. Does anyone know where I can source one? Installing on a boosted engine.
  6. Vehicles for Sale
    Under the hood: Turbo: Turbo was purchased and originally installed and tuned by Tom Custom T3 Turbocharger by Turbonetics Stainless Steel Turbo Manifold Wastegate (Turbonetics DeltaGate II) Greddy BOV 2 1/2" Down-Pipe for Turbo 1 7/8" Down-Pipe for Wastegate -Front Mount Intercooler - 3"...
  7. MK I Tech
    I have a 2000 ford focus that will crank but not turn over. I replaced the battery because it did not test good. I just changed the Alternator earlier this year and the starter is about 2 and a half years old. I was told to test the fuel pump, but i'm unsure how to do this. Also do you guys...
  8. TEAM Focaljet: Dezert Focus
    So, seeing as I have yet to go to a successful G2G, I was thinking about trying to set something up.. I was thinking about seeing if I can get everyone to come out to the pizza place by my house, Venezias. So I was thinking the weekend would be best, so how does the seventh sound? Feel...
  9. MK I Tech
    Hello. I have a 2004 Ford Focus SE. 4-5 months ago my wife's uncle replaced my intake manifold gaskets and pcv valve and hose. Ever since then my car has had a rough idle particularly when I am at a stop or travelling at a low speed, as my lights flash from dim to bright. What could it be? thanks!
  10. MK I Tech
    2000 Ford Focus 2.0 dohc zetec ~120k miles What happened: Drove car home fine, parked a couple days, would not start again. Cranks, but does not attempt to start or run. What I've checked: Battery is good + charged. Grounds are good. All fuses are good. Gets fuel all the way to fuel rail. All...
  11. TEAM Rigz
    My GF and I went to go visit my parents up in Carson City Nevada this past Labor Day weekend and took this opportunity to take a few pics of my ride. Let me know what you guys think. Check out the crazy cloud in the background Here's one of my engine bay...
  12. MK I Tech
    Hey everyone, I have a 2002 SE sedan with the 2.0 Zetec. It has roughly 80,000 miles on it and a decent list of mods. I have a full cold air intake with a K&N filter, NGK Iridium Plugs, APC 9.3 mm wires, OBX race headers, OBX Hi-Flow cat with modded 02 sensor, and full Cat-Back Exhaust. I just...
  13. Forced Induction & Nitrous
    I need help I have look 4 a turbo kit.for my svt focus..but I can't find one...and I don't want. S:confused:pend that me...:party:
  14. Problems/Service/Recalls
    i am typing this for my husband does anyone have an answer for him over the past week i was once driving the car and as soon as it hit 40 it would lunge and it seemed as if it also wanted to die. drive it again with no issues at all then on friday it was driving terrible lunging and dying...
  15. MK I Tech
    Hello everybody, I have an 2003 Focus Wagon with Zetec engine with 72k miles. Recently I noticed that a pointers on temp and fuel gauge stay in the middle position even when the key is not in. The pointers go down when I turn off the engine but after a second or so the set them selves somewhere...
1-15 of 17 Results