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  1. Mk I Suspension
    Greetings, About 40k miles ago I had the SVT suspension kit installed. It seems my struts are now shot as they're bottoming out (front end) when I hit a bump. Can I replace with KYB Strut assembly? Do I need to get another SVT kit and replace with that? What's my best option?
  2. Mk I Suspension
    Hey all. This is my first post on here, hopefully I'll get this right. I have an 06 ZX4 that's all stock. I want to put some lower springs, shocks, struts in it to make it handle better and eliminate the goofy 4x4 stance it has currently. It's a daily driver that had the terror squeaking...
  3. Mk I Suspension
    Well, I got a FRPP kit and attempted install today, but after I removed the old spring/dampner, we noticed that the newer dampner was bigger than the original (probably 1/8 to 1/4 of a inch). Anyone run into this? Do I need a press for this install? It seems like it should slide right in.
1-3 of 3 Results