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  1. Need help finding a few things, please help.

    MK I Exterior Modifications
    Hey guys I need a little help finding a few things that i want to do to my 03 SVT Focus ZX5. I drive a mustang, but just recently bought my SVT for my daily driver and leaving it stock looking isn't gunna cut it even on my daily whip :P. I have looked EVERYWHERE online to find smoked or clear...
  2. Air Bag Diagnostic Codes

    MK I Tech
    Hi, Does anyone know what 9 flashes which is repeated 4 times then a solid air bag light means? This is happening on my Ford Focus 1.8 LX 1999, Any help would greatly appreciated. I have already checked the connectors under-neath the seats and cleaned the connections with contact cleaner...
  3. Headlight Bulb Poll

    MK I Exterior Modifications
    For some reason there's no Poll option on the thread so respond and I'll keep a tally. You can give a thumps up, thumps down, or leave blank. Post 2 thumbs up for the bulb that you prefer. What is your experience with the following brands of bulbs: PIAA Nokya SilverStar Hella Luminics Other...
  4. i got some problems

    MK I Exterior Modifications
    i have a 200 focus zx3 tonight i was working on it with my friends and all their cars and i got a new fuse(fuse number 22 i think the DRL was blown) and i found some problems. so when i put in the new 20amp fuse the head lights come on and the engine lights and ebrake and seatbelt lights all...