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  1. Shift It
    Hey all, I am rebuilding my MTX75 and installing a Quaife. I am unable to locate the output shaft shim kit F5RZ-7N135-AA. If you have this laying around that I could purchase or any info on where to obtain it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Shift It
    I need Help! I have a 2001 zx3 2.0 DOHC ATX, that had a burnt harness. Wanted to go to manual, so found a 2002 zts 2.0 DOHC and swapped everything except the wiring harness under the dash. Now the OBD port is not registering the ECU, and the instrument cluster isn't registering and i need...
  3. MK I Tech
    I put in a clutch kit I got off of ebay on my 03 zx5 with the mtx 75 transmission and now when I release the clutch pedal there is a chattering noise coming from the transmission I feel like I obviously did something wrong and am working on getting it back apart now but if anybody has had this...
  4. MK I Tech
    I am having noise from my transmission, and want to get it rebuilt for the most part. Looking at getting a bearing/seal kit, but I've run into an issue. All of the kits I find ask if I have an 18.5mm or 20.5mm rear pinion bearing. I have zero clue how to figure out what I have, and the...
1-4 of 4 Results