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  1. TEAM Pit Stop
    Oops... I don't know who did what since I didn't get to see the crash,but there was a what looks like a VW, like eight fire fighters, fire hose and what looks like Jaws of Life in the gas station parking lot. That Dodge Stratus shoudn't be facing that way since it's a one way road. Uh...
  2. TEAM Focaljet: NoRtHwEsT
    I got nabbed by Beaverton Police. I was on the road where the limit changes back and forth between 35 and 45 and I must have been in the 35 zone when they got me. It's basically the "your speed is xxx mph" radar van, but it's manned by trap operators hiding behind tinted glass. If I end up...
1-2 of 2 Results