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  1. Ford SVT Focus Headquarters
    OK So I am getting to the point that I should have my Timing Belt redone on my SVT. I don't think it is something I have the means to tackle myself so I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions of shops that have have been good to them or have experience with the SVT's so I am less likely to...
  2. MK I Tech
    I got the alternator completely unbolted and disconnected. It moves freely, but there is so much stuff in the way I cant lift it out of the engine bay. Is there anyway to do this without lifting the engine with a jack? I would, but my jack got stolen and I only have the lil tire swap scissor...
  3. MK I Tech
    Someone backed into my rear bumper. I took it off to inspect for further damage and there is none, so looks like I just need a new bumper cover. It's held in place with two metal nuts and those incredibly annoying plastic anchor studs that are easy to install in production and very cumbersome...
1-3 of 3 Results