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  1. New to FJ My Ride

    TEAM Rigz
    I have a 2009 Focus SE Sedan and i just got into fixing it up due to a recent accident it encountered and thats how i found FJ. So here are some pictures of what ive done so far its nothing compared to what ive seen but its a start. Painted Some under hood components Painted the LCA, UCA...
  2. Rallying Sedans?

    Focus Rallying and Rallycross
    I was looking over the website and I noticed it said you can run sedans. I was wondering is anyone running one?
  3. super/turbo and/or nitrous kit for touge racing down and uphill

    Forced Induction & Nitrous
    we want to race our lx sedan but we need some suggestions, whether it be price, or performance, we need the best price and the best performance for the price we would also like to know if putting in a 3.8 v6 from a our stang, or a 351 winsor from our bronco would be cheaper thnx:)