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  1. MK I Tech
    i have a Ford Focus 09 SE and i just repalced the whole rear supension, like the crossmember and all the arms. my question is what are the torque specs to all the bolts in the rear suspension. and is there anything else i should keep an eye on when doing this install.
  2. Mk I Suspension
    I have a 2000 Focus SE. When you look at tthe rear of the car, you can see that the tires are closer at the top than at the bottom. I mean a lot closer! The outer tread isn't even touching the road. I can grab the fender and lift up on the car, and the tires straighten out. After a short drive...
  3. Mk I Suspension
    Well today i put on my Roush Front and Rear Struts and springs and my SVT Rear Sway Bar (had no sway bar previously). It took 8 hrs and had to fabricate 4 pieces (see below). It was a fun job, and really not that hard. Had no real problems and i am liking the results (and can't wait for...
  4. Ford SVT Focus Headquarters
    is this a good buy? does anyone with the H&Rs have any problem on there SVTs? i still got my stock rims...will they rub at all? or do i need smaller tires? i want to know from svt owners...thanks guys
1-4 of 5 Results