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  1. Appearance
    Greetings! I have a used CD Silver SVT bumper cover for sale. I bought this to replace the one on my car, but it became a loss before I could swap it out. Need to get rid of this, since I no longer need it. Has normal wear and tear on it, but good condition overall. You can pick up locally from...
    $100 USD
  2. Ford SVT Focus Headquarters
    OK So I am getting to the point that I should have my Timing Belt redone on my SVT. I don't think it is something I have the means to tackle myself so I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions of shops that have have been good to them or have experience with the SVT's so I am less likely to...
  3. MK I Tech
    Car is an 02 Focus svt with 170k miles, stock intake, hks catback exhaust with some random non oem cat and i do not believe it has a tune on it. List of Codes: P0141 - Downstream Heated Oxygen Sensor Heater circuit fault - Bank No. 1 P0325 - A Spark Knock Occurred - Sensor Circuitry did not...
  4. Ford SVT Focus Headquarters
    I have a 02 focus svt was running good but I noticed at first in like 4th gear at the top end of the gear occasionally the car would like bog and lunge almost like a fuel cut? I thought it was possibly the clutch slipping. Diddnt always do it but a few weeks later the car will bog down as soon...
  5. Ford SVT Focus Headquarters
    Hi I am in the process of rebuilding a 2003 SVT 2.0L Zetec VVT (170PS) Cylinder Head and I have 1 damaged Tappet Valve Bucket (Camshaft Bucket) Size 11.7456500 Part Number 2M5Z-6500-EA (Stamp Bucket 11775 (P530) if anyone has one available I would be grateful if you could sell it to me so I can...
  6. Vehicles for Sale
    Have 2002 Ford Focus SVT parts for sale. ENGINE was rebuilt but failed on start. Car is currently whole and will consider selling as such. The clutch IS NEW (was $495). Actually really decent shape all around. No rust. Will pay as when I receive interest. No rest.
  7. Mk I Interior Modifications
    Just some shots of the car....she's coming along nicely. The rebuild is almost finished! I JUST picked up another APC hood after looking for a year. still needs some red on the sides but that will come soon enough. Enjoy, I do! :)
  8. MK I Exterior Modifications
    Hey guys I need a little help finding a few things that i want to do to my 03 SVT Focus ZX5. I drive a mustang, but just recently bought my SVT for my daily driver and leaving it stock looking isn't gunna cut it even on my daily whip :P. I have looked EVERYWHERE online to find smoked or clear...
  9. Ford SVT Focus Headquarters
    I am in the market for a new car. I am trying to sell my ZX3, and then take out a loan for the difference to get an SVT. I found one semi-local, and I want to know what you guys think it is worth. I also want to know common problems on this year SVT, and what I should all look for. He is not...
  10. MK I Tech
    So, I'm 90% sure my clutch is fried. It doesn't launch hard and as I'm driving along at 60mph in 6th gear (02 svt, manual) if i get on the throttle more than enough to keep my speed, the rpm's go up and my speed stays the same. It also does this at low rpms in 4th and 5th gears. However no...
  11. TEAM Rigz
1-11 of 22 Results