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  1. MK I Tech
    I am having noise from my transmission, and want to get it rebuilt for the most part. Looking at getting a bearing/seal kit, but I've run into an issue. All of the kits I find ask if I have an 18.5mm or 20.5mm rear pinion bearing. I have zero clue how to figure out what I have, and the...
  2. Problems/Service/Recalls
    Is it an easy or moderate task to replace the tranny mount in a 2002 ZX5? I am pretty sure that is what the noise is coming from. If I reverse then put it in first and pull away I can feel a thud and it makes a slight thud. It I am in first or second and I let off and coast then reapply the gas...
  3. Shift It
    I need a new clutch 03 LX 2.0 SPi sedan. mileage is about 60k on it but i drive it really hard...which is why i need a new clutch. any ideas?
  4. New Member Introductions
    well more specific i need to replace my clutch. any suggestions on brand/installation techniques?
  5. Shift It
    1st. post. Hey y'all. I looking at a 2000 wagon to buy for my daughter. I've got it for a few days to check out. When I start driving in the morning it has a fairly loud and low growling, howling, or vibrating noise and sensation. However it doesn't really feel like it's vibrating or shuddering...
  6. Ford SVT Focus Headquarters
    Does any one know the location of the oil fill and drain plugs for the SVT tranny. I see a black plug with a hex wrench hole in it on the lower bumper side of the tranny, can any one confirm if this is the drain plug? I do not however see any filler plug on that side except for on the top of...
1-6 of 6 Results