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  1. Problems/Service/Recalls
    Is it an easy or moderate task to replace the tranny mount in a 2002 ZX5? I am pretty sure that is what the noise is coming from. If I reverse then put it in first and pull away I can feel a thud and it makes a slight thud. It I am in first or second and I let off and coast then reapply the gas...
  2. Problems/Service/Recalls
    i am typing this for my husband does anyone have an answer for him over the past week i was once driving the car and as soon as it hit 40 it would lunge and it seemed as if it also wanted to die. drive it again with no issues at all then on friday it was driving terrible lunging and dying...
  3. TEAM Focaljet: Great Lakes
    Hey. Well I am a First time Focus owner :D , I acquired an 02 ZX5 and the little car is fun to drive :hump:, it just needs some love to make is HAWT! I am looking for a Shop in The Dayton / Columbus / Cincinatti Region that is cool with Putting on Customer Purchased parts. Even one that will let...
1-3 of 3 Results