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01 Focus SE and the Diabolical Clunking Noise - Motor Mount?

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So I am getting this really nasty noise coming from the passenger side of the engine. I pulled the valve cover and everything appears to be in order there. Could this be the passenger motor mount? There is a clunking noise which follows engine speed. Also the car can barely move itself. You have to give it some throttle to get it to start, and I was about at WOT backing up my driveway.

If it is the mount, is this the part "Mount, focus, front - 2.0l sohc - 2.0L SOHC" on the Tousley page what I need? There is no exploded diagram for it. Car is an 01 SE w/ about 120k on it.

Thanks folks.
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The hose going from the passenger side of the engine goes to that hole in the air box
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