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Im new to focaljet so i wanted everyone to see my car and where it stands. Also give me some friendly advice.

This was my first project. Easy enough. Tail and new plate lights.

Painted rims. Started painting them on the car but found it much easier to do off of the car.

Then came the blue cone filter and painted valve cover.

Eyelids on the stock headlights were ok for the time being but i needed a little more flash. So i went with these.

Spec-D racing i believe.

Then i got my other toy in the mail.
Spec-D racing short ram intake.

Then i started painting the trim and bumper trim.

Just a few random pics.

And that where 02' blue sits today.
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in the thread below this a guy is selling an incredible throttle body, just a heads up.
liking the mods though! makes me wish my SPI, but i think it's nostalgia mostly... anyways, flowmaster systems sound punchy on this engine, and keep it up!
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