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I Race A 02 ZX3 On A 1/4 mile Asphalt Oval Track, and need some help mid turn to out of corner. Car Pushes Bad If I Drive Into The Corner Hard But Have To In Order To Beat An Acura Intregra & A Honda Civic Hatchback. All Stock Class With Some Modifications Allowed.

Here's My Current Setup:
185/60/14 Falken ZE912 All The Way Around (Also Run 15's On Occasion)
2 Degrees Negative Camber RF 1.5 Positive Camber DF Strut Mount Are Drilled To Allowed Camber Adjustment.
Strut Mount Support Bar.
Stock Sway Bar Front & Rear Car Is Lowered With Cut Springs in Rear And Don't Remember What Fronts Are.
Stock 2.0 Zetec W/ A Spectre Intake W/ The Terrible ATX But It Gets The job Done. (GOING TO DO THE MTX SWAP WHEN I CAN.)
Stock Header With Clear CAT & Custom Straight Pipe That Exits The Side of Car, In Front of RR.

What Rules Allow:
8 Engine
8.1 Any engine to any chassis within manufacturer's line (Toyota to Toyota, Ford to Ford, etc.).
8.2 Four (4) cylinder only. No turbo engines.
8.3 All engine components must be stock.
8.4 Engine must remain in stock location for make and model.
8.5 Firewalls may not be moved or altered.
8.6 Stock production cylinder head only. No shaving, enlarging, polishing or grinding of head ports. No aluminum heads other than stock.
8.7 Stock flywheel only.
8.8 Intake and exhaust manifolds must be stock, with no match porting, grinding, or polishing of the head. 8.9 Fuel Delivery 8.9.1 Any OEM carburetor.
8.9.2 Must have at least two throttle return springs anchored in two different locations in opposite directions.
8.9.3 Must be stock or aftermarket fuel pump.
5 Suspension
5.1 All suspension mounting brackets must be of stock components and in stock location for make and model.
5.2 Upper strut mounts cannot be moved. May brace from strut tower to strut tower.
16 Wheels
16.1 Stock rims only.
16.2 Each wheel must have stock brakes in good working order.
16.3 Tires
16.3.1 No wider than 185 Series
16.3.2 No Smaller than 60 Series
16.3.3 Tread wear will be 300 or harder.
16.3.4 Must be a \S, T, U, H Speed rating.

Photos Can be Found On My Facebook Page at:

Any & All Help Would Be Much Appreciated. Thank You In Advance
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