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03 SPI and Shift cables?

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Hello all,

I was curious if any of you IB5 Manual SPI guys have had any issues getting reverse? I have to pull really hard to the right and down to get reverse lately, and if I'm not very easy on the throttle it pops out of gear, will sometimes pop out of 2nd if I shift down at too high and rpm.
I'm guessing my shift cables are done cause I had the trans rebuilt at 75k due to a bearing, clutch too while I was in there. I've pulled the adjustment cover plate several times using a small driver bit in the shifter to hold neutral, and adjusted to both extremes and right in the middle, issue persists. Any ideas? Shift cables have about 130k on them.
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I wish I had anything to offer...never had a problem with this in my ~140k miles. There's not much traffic in here, sadly...keep an eye on it, you never know.
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