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03 SPI and Shift cables?

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Hello all,

I was curious if any of you IB5 Manual SPI guys have had any issues getting reverse? I have to pull really hard to the right and down to get reverse lately, and if I'm not very easy on the throttle it pops out of gear, will sometimes pop out of 2nd if I shift down at too high and rpm.
I'm guessing my shift cables are done cause I had the trans rebuilt at 75k due to a bearing, clutch too while I was in there. I've pulled the adjustment cover plate several times using a small driver bit in the shifter to hold neutral, and adjusted to both extremes and right in the middle, issue persists. Any ideas? Shift cables have about 130k on them.
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Looks like its gonna be a rebuild for me.
Update on this. So pretty much every shop in my area just wanted to tear in to the trans and rebuild it. Took it to a shop that my dad recently had his Dakota 4wd serviced at and they found it to be a simple linkage pin, car shifts like new.
So food for thought on this if anyone else has this issue the next time a shop says you need to spend 2grand on a rebuild have them inspect the linkages on the shift cables. BTW if you are local to the portland or/vancouver wa area the shop I went to was Advanced Transmission & Gear out in Gresham. Less than 200 out the door (diag + labor), Steve appears to run a very honest shop given what I could have been charged for fixing the same item after the trans was already pulled and found good (arrg lol). Now for some head work / (preventative replacement) and hopefully good for a good while. (130k on the car).
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