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So I inadvertently broke off the handle on my Focus. Had been opening the back door, reaching thru and popping the door from the4 interior handle but now the interior handle doesn't work either. So, long story short, I cannot open my driver's side door at all. This is quite a pain in the back side as I'm 6'8 and even when I recline the seats back fully, I still have to pretzel myself into the car in order to get in and out through the passenger side. I have bought a replacement handle for the exterior but apparently, we need to open the door up to remove the interior panels to change this handle (and I hope, re-attach the rods to the interior handle)

So how can I get this door open? I hear the dealership may have a tool that allows them to open it but is there any other way around this? Bloody annoying and I know once I open it, I can remove the panel easily enough and get this door working again.


its my girlfriend's car and she's quite annoyed with me for breaking it lol. doesn't like driving my truck much at all.
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