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1/4 mile times?

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I wanted to know what a stock focus would run. I am going to run it eventually, and want to know what most have gotten. Also post your current 1/4 mile times.
Anything I can take out of the car?
Any fuels or power adders?
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Wow... Ummm I guess I will move this.
Depends if you are zetec or spi, and Mtx or Atx. Foci 1/4 mile times depend greatly on the driver. Some people have some mods and run a mid 16- low 16, while some people with stock ones have high 15's or maybe a little lower.
If you're running totality stock with a manual tranny..
I would expect low 17's or high 16's...I ran mine stock in Rockfalls and got 16.8 and that's after the 3rd run..
after 4 runs with Cat-back, UDP, and CAI i pulled a 15.9
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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