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10/28 Sonic G2G

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Sonic on Broadway & Rural @ 8 pm.

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i'm there.
I might make it, if I get all the stuff done to the car before Friday night.
i'm in!
I'll be there depending on if I get this job or not.
Do you mean the "kitchen" pass.
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sorry guys, can't make this one. i'm in the studio all weekend. working on some prints and planning to remove the remaining decals from my car when i have time. maybe have the new graphics by next weekend... ?

not gonna be able to make it this time, goin to the big hole in the ground lol my mom's flyin out here from NC
but i'll be at the next get together
Hey guys what's the car show this weekend in Scottsdale with all the old Ferrari's and hi perf. cars like that???
^^^^???? Don't know here. Never seen Ferrari's at the pavs. Maybe your talking about Barrett/Jackson?, but that's not a car show...its an auction.
I got an email back from Roch, he said he didn't have anything going for tomorrow night, so he'll be there. I'll call him tonight to remind him
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Hey did we decide to do this one at 8 instead of the usual 9?
that is what Chris said. not sure if there is a reason behind this. short of he is the one who set this one up.
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I don't know why I said 8...but yeah, pretty much because I said 8, not any particular can change it if everyone wants to. It's a little easier for me to get a babysitter earlier, but I don't think it would matter much.

I just threw something out early in the week so that we could get some people to definitely be there, 'cause I heard there were some issues last Friday.
yeah, 8 works best for me
8 works for me.
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