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1200 degree paint?

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Will 1200 degree paint work on a header on the focus? I got a used FC header and it dont look to hot, will the 1200 degree paint hold or flake off? Thanks Tom
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yes, it'll stay on. if you follow the directions and put the painted piece in the oven at like 500 for 3 hrs or whatever it says it'll bake on. We have blue on a stock manifold on the turbo car and it's good to go. It did change color somewhat, became more chalky blue than the original dark blue but it looks great. For the time and trouble, I'd get it hpc coated at a powdercoating place. they have any color you want and it helps with flow too. hope this helps

Thanks for the info I just picked up some 1500 degree VHT High Temperature Enamel in silver. So it should turn out ok. Thanks ~Tom~
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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