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NEW PRE SELL 15x8 ETA 5/14 Contact to secure your set!

With lots of interest over the years for a 15x8/4x108 wheel for the 00-11 Focus and of late the Fiesta/Fiesta ST autox enthusiasts, we are finally coming to the end of the tunnel.

Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2, 15x8/4x108; 14.9lbs each. $179.50ea./$718 per set of (4) + shipping US 48 (MSRP $880 + Shipping); Low pressure cast, heat treated, and shot peened. Manufactured in the UK.
>Anthracite Spec 390: 1 set 15x8/4x108/35mm offset w/63.4 hub bore
>Matte Black Spec 390: 2 sets 15x8/4x108/35mm offset w/63.4 hub bore

Anthracite Spec 390 for reference:

Matte Black Spec 390 for reference:
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