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2.3L PS Motor Mount

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2003 2.3L

Does anyone know the difference between the 2.3L top passenger side mount for a MANUAL car and a 2.3L top passenger side mount for an AUTOMATIC car?

The price is very different between the both and I want to know if there truely is a difference. To my knowledge, all the transmission stuff is on the drivers side, so whats the difference?

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Yeah, the automatic shifts the passenger side of the engine back about 1".
I'd guess the differential is located on a different centerline relative to the crank with the automatic versus the MTX-75, so to keep the CVs in the same position, things needed to be adjusted.

I'd assume the driver side adjustment comes via the placement of the mount in the transaxle case itself.

...that or they're fixing some funky torque-steer issue, but I kind of doubt that.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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