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2 issues..DOme Light and Hatch release

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Ok, I tried a search but came up with nada.

Prob one with my new Focus
- no dome light. Map lights work fine but dome light does not come on with doors open nor with keyless entry. switch is on. bulb appears good but I may switch it out anyway.

Pro 2
Hatch release button does not release my rear hatch. I have to use keyless or the key. All doors unlocked etc. and it still will not open with the release no matter what I do.
Anyone have any suggestions before I leave the car with ford for the day?
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1. Possibly just need a new bulb.

2. the hatch release my have just gotten disconnected from it's other half (think male and female ports). This connection clicks together easy does it, and is right behind the button plain as day.
Cool, i'll check those. the bulb still looks ok. i'll replace it just to be sure. thnx
I had a similar problem with mine where the Dome light would not turn off, it turned out one of the security modules went bad, so they replaced it under warranty.
My trunk release is screwy...i have to like hold it down or push it really hard now to have the trunk open
okie dokies....dome light was easy..the bulb actually was bad. like i looked good, but after replacing it it works fine.

as far as the hatch release..i am working on a fix..the contact system doesn't seem to work very well. i took the switch apart and could get it to work but i have no luck when i put it back together. i'll keep ya posted..if anyone has a diy fix let me know..otherwise i'll see what i can come up with.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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