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2000 Wagon Body kits

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Does anyone have a wagon with abody kit. I'm new to the Focus world and really like the wagons but I don't see many hooked up.
I've owned my wagon for about six months and now it's time to get serious.:confused:
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There is a Ford spoiler that I think is still floating around on Ebay for fairly cheap. As for body, IMHO the SVT front bumper looks great, if not the best on a wagon.

Another option that looks great is the Ford Acc./Focus S2 front lip spoiler for the OEM front bumper. It looks better in person, looks nice/classy. And with that OEM 2000 bumper, filling in the bumper lines really improves the looks.

I have a BRAND NEW, unpainted Ford Racing SVT front bumper kit I am selling for $300. It goes for about $375 normally. This includes the front bumper, fog brackets, fog lights, lower black lip, and lower grille.

I also have a RARE JMS front lip spoiler that fits the OEM front bumper. I am also sell that, and the would look sick on a wagon.

Most of the other body kits are a bit "overdone", and usually hang too low for a MI winter. The only decent one I can think of is the Wings West Wagon lip kit, but I am not sure if those are available anymore.
Front bumpers and sideskirts from any Focus will fit on the Wagon. The only problem you'll have is finding a rear bumper. I do not believe that anyone makes a rear bumper for the Wagon...

Wagons are awesome.

Shoot "o2_designs" a PM or do a search on his 666STFU wagon/hearse.

The Wings West rear wagon bumper lips are still on Ebay. I do not like the WW front wagon lip, but the side skirts and rear lip are nice on a wagon. Like I said, I have a SVT front bumper kit for sale in case you are interested.
I'd do a Euro Rear Bumper.
thanks for the input. I really need help. any pics r greatly appreciated. I'm used to messing with hondas. I'll have to post pics asap when I figure out what I'm going to do. Thanks again guys.
I have a brand new Euro Wagon rear bumper I'll never use...

The last one you have to look under body kits ,,,, the first two have ZX 5 listed ,,, i was thinking that was a wagon ,,, but on second thought its a 4 dr ZX3 and a wagon is a sedan with a hatch lol
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