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So on instructions from my spouse I'm finally offering up my 2002 SVTF for sale. I'm the owner of the vehicle (for the last 12 years or so) and located in the North Carolina Charlotte area. Asking price is $5750 obo, which given the vehicle condition, available modifications and parts that come with it, I think is fair. I can be contacted here on the forums or at [email protected]

As you can see over the time I've owned the vehicle it has received some modifications and upgrades. I also realize that the beauty and value of these is in the eye of the beholder. My hope is someone likes the overall vibe of the car and purchases it as a going concern. Photos are below with additional photos in the next post. I'll be listing on Ebay and locally as well in the next few days, but I wanted to give first chance to someone on the forum.

Modifications and upgrades:

Engine and drivetrain

Built engine with lower compression pistons (bought complete)
Blow through turbocharger setup with front air/air intercooler set to 15 psi
Custom inlet manifold
Large bore throttle body
Crankcase and valve cover venting to catch-can mounted in engine bay
Aluminum thermostat housing (no cracked leaking plastic housings here)
All silicone cooling circuit hoses
Upgraded engine mounts (2 of 3 - rear and passenger side)
Torsen Limited Slip Differential
Clutch masters stage 3 clutch
Diablo MAFIA
60 lb/hr fuel injectors
Copper and Iridium spark plugs (your pick)
High flow catalytic convertor
AEM Dry-Flow cone air filter
Upgraded shifter bushings with counterweight delete (makes the shifting much crisper)
Tuning by Tom

Eibach Sportline springs and shocks
Full Prothane bushing set on suspension
Massive Speed System front strut bar brace

Bodywork and exterior modifications
Carbon fiber mirror caps (from
Carbon fiber B pillar door covers
Carbon fiber C pillar triangle inserts
Carbon fiber rear wing
Carbon fiber windscreen wiper cowl
LED exterior lighting (properly done with load resistors so the indicators work)
Ford Mustang fuel filler cover
Hella Mk1 Focus Rs Morette Twin Headlights
Aftermarket GRP hood (this came with the vehicle when I purchased it and I stayed with it)
Black Ford official wheels (same style as the EAP wheels except black) with SVT inserts

Interior modifications
Color matched center console
Color matched seat trim pieces
Ford Mustang aluminum shift knob
Color matched light bezel (matched to center HVAC console bezel)
Aluminum HVAC and light switch knobs
Carbon fiber trim kit
Steeda aluminum mirror adjustment knob
Steeda aluminum cigarette lighter
Roush aluminum pedal covers and left foot rest
SVT floor mats
Carbon fiber rear hatch cover
AF wideband and boost gauges

See second post for the parts that come with the car and the bad stuff

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Parts that will come with the car:
SCT X4 tuning device locked to vehicle (will also contain the current tune and factory tune)
Original SVT springs and suspension
Original SVT differential
Center console (original unpainted)
Interior A pillar trim for driver's side
Original SVT exhaust manifold
Original SVT intake manifold
Original SVT IMRC
Original SVT catalytic convertor
Original SVT rear hatch spoiler (x2)
Original painted mirror caps
Spare drivers side mirror assembly
Various internal spare trim
Spare headlight assemblies
Original engine mounts
J&S SafeGuard ignition control (never fitted)

Bad stuff
The biggest I would say is the bodywork is what you would expect for a 19 year old car. It has various scuffs chips and imperfections. I took a photo of the two worst dents that could be removed or at least reduced by PDR. There is spider cracking of the paint on the rear bumper - it's never been hit there so I assume this is just an age thing - there is a photo of this).

There is some surface rust on the rear subframe - nothing of concern and it could be painted if it bothered you - I took a photo of this

The tune makes the car a little more temperamental transitioning from cold to warm, but the new owner can always revert back to stock or have the car tuned differently.

Occasionally the wideband AF gauge decides to read overlimit - seems to be a loose connection since tapping it will result in it reading correctly again.

The 9006 Audiophile CD player likes to eat CDs - in that respect it is like every single 9006 I've encountered...

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