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Failed inspection due to no reverse lights. passed a year ago, haven't had reverse lights for the entire ownership of car

Pulled the connector off the switch and stuck a paperclip in there, lights came on.

Took the switch out of the transmission and measured it. go no connection when not depressed and got about 0.9ohm when depressed so the switch is good. Bought a new switch anyway as the old one had the housing half broken. Old switch is identical to the new switch

The two things I have yet to check is if the connector is actually making contact with the pins on the switch and if the linkage inside the transmission is actually contacting the switch. Also not really convinced that the switch I pulled out and the new switch I bought are the correct switch as they do thread in but I've sene like 3 different switches listed as fitting online.

Here is the link to the switch I bought.
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