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2002 Ford Focus ZX3 Service Schedule?

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I have owned a 2002 Ford Focus ZX3 for 3+ years and had the tires rotated regularly and oil changes every 3000-5000 miles but other than that, I have not brought my car in for any other services.

I am nearing the 80,000 mile mark and starting to feel a rumbling whenever I go over to 50 MPH which may be attributed to the need for new tires. Aside from tire replacement, are there any other major services that I'll need to have done at this point? I'm sure the dealership will let me know, but I'd like to have an idea before bringing it in.

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Some basic items that I perform to my car.. overkill style.

Fuel filter every 30k.
Transaxle flush every 30k.
Yearly brake fluid flush/bleed.
Regular brake pad examination.
Coolant flush every 30k.

Check for leaks routinely, particularly the valve cover gasket on an older Zetecs.

Probably more items, but those are what I keep an eye on.

I also change out suspension bushings as I see fit.

Your owner's manual in your glovebox has a list of recommended services at recommended intervals. Not a bad idea to follow those.

Personally I'd avoid the dealership for anything, but you may not have the mechanical skills to do it all yourself. A regular service shop may also be a better deal.

Oh yes, and: Welcome to the Jet.
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if you create an account on myford you can get the maintenance schedules from there, too. plus you can usually access a record of all dealer-performed service, and a buncha other stuff (including pay your car payment, if you have ford motor credit). pretty neat.

for example, for 75,000, they say:

<ul type="square">[*] Change engine oil and replace oil filter (Up to 5 qts of motor oil)
[*] Change green engine coolant
[*] Inspect and lubricate steering linkage, ball joints, suspension and, if equipped, half shafts drive shaft and u-joints
[*] Inspect brake pads/shoes/rotors/drums, brake lines and hoses, and parking brake system
[*] Inspect engine cooling system and hoses
[*] Inspect wheel ends for end play and noise
[*] Perform multi-point inspection
[*] Replace cabin air filter, if equipped
[*] Rotate tires for optimal tire life
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I'll add in the following things:

- power steering flush
- Inspect spark plugs...platinum plugs can last for 100K miles. If you find they are okay, leave them. Otherwise, replace them and the plug wires (there really isn't any recommendation on replacing plug wires from Ford).
- Inspect the accessory drive belt (the belt that drives the A/C, alternator, etc.). If that needs replacement, I would suggest doing that AND replacing the belt tensioner at the same time.
- Not sure if your PCV valve has been changed...but that's something very easy to do yourself

Other than that, it sounds like you're good to go.
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