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SOLD: 2002 Sonic Blue SVT (California)

Location: Long Beach, CA
Description: 2002 Sonic Blue SVT (more details below pics). 170k miles.
Asking Price: $1500 (read below before emailing me please)
Contact: assunta7000 (at) gmail (dot) com

This is important: The car is currently registered in Alberta, Canada. It was formerly a California car before it was brought North of the border. The Alberta plate comes with me so either I drive the car to you locally or you bring a trailer or some means of driving the car away legally. I just don't want to mess around with registering it to sell it in California, hence the low price to encourage someone who wants a parts car. Comes with two different lower mounts, one VF and one urethane in stock housing. Comes with a spare passenger side mount which is ridiculously high durometer urethane in a modified stock mount because #cheatercar. It shakes your teeth out but that engine ain't moving. I have also got AlextheMachinist PS pump hose AN adaptor fittings which I'll throw in.

C-F-M Short throw shifter
Shifter base bushings
Shifter cable delrin bushings
- Tranny = Amsoil Manual Synchromesh Transmission Fluid (157k mi)
- Engine = Rotella T6 5W40 (156310 mi, 158325 mi, 161900 mi, 165660 mi, 168970 mi)

Wheels: Core Racing Evo 7 17x7 +40 (they rub a bit)
Tires: Michelin Primacy HP 215/45R17
Koni struts with (newer) OEM springs (front and rear)
RSB: Eibach 25mm (with end links)
FSB bushings new in a box
Urethane front LCA bushings
Front brake pads: unknown compound, I think carbotech
Rear brake pads: Hawk HP+

ST170 black headlights
Euro grill

Stuff I've done:
Alternator & pigtail at 156k mi
OEM springs at 156k mi
Water pump at 156k mi
Transmission swap (incl seals) at 157k mi. Newer tranny had 78k mi at install
Contour thermostat housing upgrade at 157k mi (Steve at Tasca is a legend)
Timing belt done at 159k mi
Front LCA urethane bushings at 159k mi
Short throw shifter, shifter cables, AlextheMachinist delrin cable bushings and solid shifter base bushings at 162k mi
RHS and LHS front ball joints at 166k mi
Front O2 sensor at 167k mi
New front calipers and hoses at 169k mi
Front hubs and bearings at 169k mi
New radiator at 169k mi

The bad:
Been chasing dragging brakes for a while. After all the front end caliper/hose works it's probably the master cylinder
The passenger side strut creaks like a bastard and I just can't be shagged putting some grease where the spring meets tophat.
I've been chasing a clunk in the front right forever, actually since an AutoX event in a ****ty parking lot. I just can't pinpoint it.
Top end is noisy. I haven't done a valve bucket adjustment.
Block gaskets weep a tiny bit of oil. There's always a drip hanging off the sump but I never had a pool forming. Degreaser and brake clean used to get me through scrutineering.

Additional items for sale separately:
- I have a complete spare engine sitting in a garage in Alberta. It has 78k mi and owes me $750. Maybe we can work something out because I've never shipped an engine before. Note that I'm in Cali and it will be a slow process for me to go back to organize shipping it.
- unmarried SCT X4 tuner $300
- K&N filter and cleaning/oiling kit $20 (new Fram filter curently in the car)
- G-Loc R6 front brake pads with about 70 laps at Thunderhill East in the wet (i.e. they never really got used hard) $100 firm

Thanks for reading this far.
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