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Been a problem off and on for the ~3 years I've been driving it, Nothing particularly consistent, either: sometimes it'll go a week or two without a problem, then it'll die at every stop sign for a day, then no problem for a while again.

Runs like a top at 60mph+, not a single stutter going through a full tank of gas in one shot down I-10 last month, or weekly ~60 mile runs down I-20, but trying to hold 40-50 (right around 2k RPM) it feels like it's missing about once a second; brief jolt that's just frickin' infuriating. The rhythm of that is fairly solid, but every now and then it'll double up, making a noticeable slowing, or just not do it at all for a few seconds, so it's not completely predictable.

Stuff replaced so far:
Plugs & wires - first thing I went for, before finding this forum and looking through known issues
Air filter - a couple times now, since I drive on dusty roads from time to time
PCV breather hose - definitely needed this, as I could fit my thumb in the hole on the old hose
Timing kit - tensioner failed, apparently previous owner had only had the belt itself changed recently
Harmonic balancer & water pump - easy to get to during the timing kit swap, and likely 20 years old
Motor mounts - same, since I had the motor supported
Coil pack & pigtail - really hoped this one would get it, but it died at a stop sign not a mile into the test drive
Ground wire for the PCM - rotted right off the battery and almost left me stranded before I spotted it. Replaced as much as I could get to with larger wire and a ring terminal.

I have run some intake cleaner through it, but might break down and pull the intake and throttle body for a full deep clean at some point. Also cleaned the MAF each time I changed the air filter. Still getting an EGR error (P1401) after replacing DPFE and EGR, but the problems above happen dead cold or at normal temp, so I have my doubts that's relevant in this case.

Any thoughts?
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