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2003 Black Sedan buyers beware.

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About a week after I picked up my 03 ZTS, I noticed that the paint had a gold metal flake paint. Well upon further inspection I noticed that the bumper and the trim and the spoiler are the appropriate flat black color. I brought this to my dealers attention and they said that I had to make note of it within 5 days of purchase or on the sales order. I didn't notice it when I bought the car because I bought it at night and sparkles don't generally happen at night. So I escalate this up the food chain and the Ford rep looks at the car and tells me that they are PURPOSELY sending them out like that from the Wayne plant. I clearly made sure that I heard correctly and asked again, "So ford is shipping cars with gold metal flake black paint on the body and putting on flat black mouldings, bumpers and spoilers?" The response again was yes and that they were not going to do anything to the car. So make sure anyone that is buying a focus anytime soon have a good hard look at the paint because ford is shipping them with mismatched paint on purpose.
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Where is the gold flake area painted? It sounds to me like you're getting the run around. Make sure your car wasn't damaged and repaired.
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sorry to hijack your thread a little bit here, but I noticed in my hatch (with it open, on the part that is not up in the air but with the main body of the car) there are tiny bumps and chips in the paint- looks like whatever it is is actualy underneath the paint. Husband says not to worry about it, but I am concerned with it. Just hit 5,000 miles today, is it too late to take it in and what would they do anyways? It is a 03 and 3 1/2 months old.

Ford paint sucks from what I hear anyways
sorry to hear about yours!
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It doesn't surprise me.

I had a '90 Mustang LX-SC and the front urethane bumper cover had red flecks in it that you could see in the sunlight, while the color of the entire car was twilight-blue metallic w/clear coat.

I have an '01 sedan in black and in my case the hood appears as if there is some kind of metallic flake in it, while the RH fender, behind the wheel opening, you can see the brown primer come through because Ford does a 98% coverage of the car.

If the paint is not flaking or peeling, leave it alone, drive it, get some chips and scratches in the paint, compound and wax it and enjoy it.
Gotta love Ford...

No seriously, no sarcasm there...
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when I bought mine in 2000, it came with a one year warrenty on body and paint against factory defects or if it started to peel or something. I had my entire car repainted after I discovered 2 oversprays and 4 no paint areas on the trunk lip. Dont they still have the 12 month paint warrenty?
No damage, just crappy paint. I am tempted to raise hell over this, but I would actually rather not have the car repainted because the dealers will really screw the paint job up. I am not really sure what to do about this.
Black is the softest color paint there is, thanks to the death of lead-based paints. Its the easiest to damage. Of course, all CC paints suck anyway, there is no good hardener (lead was good), so they just coat it with MORE crappy paint that has no pigment in it (clear coat).

This is the main reason I bought the ESP plan, since it covers paint.
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