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Hey guys and gals, I am buying a newer Focus ST and am trying to decide what to do with my 2004 Roush (I have too many cars). Should I sell it outright, or is it worth more as parts? Anyone hat prices are the different parts bringing? Any input would be appreciated.
It is a black Focus ZX3 Premium w/ Roush (from Roush) with 200K on it. It has everything a Roush Stage 2 has (list of options):
Front Fascia with Oversized Driving Lights;
Hood Scoop;
17-inch wheels (Hyper Silver- painted black);
Upper Wing;
Mid Wing;
Oversized Side Skirts;
Rear Fascia with Exhaust System (minus Roush muffler) and Tip;
Stage 2 Suspension (springs [newer Roush], struts & shocks [Eibach], & rear sway bar);
Performance Seating System;
Shifter Arm with Knob and Short-Throw Base;
Roush Performance Series Gauges;
Roush Billet-Aluminum Pedals;
Roush Floor Mats (GOOD ones);
Roush Front Windshield banner (not there);
Roush Fender Badges;
Roush Decklid Character Set (not there)
Trunk Mount Roush Toolkit;
(also from Premium pkg?) Audiophile 6-Disc CD changer;
Powered Trunk Sub-woofer.

They only made 7 Black ones in 2004.
It has a few small dents on roof, where a tree branch fell on it in a storm, plus normal wear and tear (small crack in bottom of driver's seat, rock-chips, etc. DWS 06 tires, CAI, and windows are tinted, other than that it's a stock (they say 151hp) 2.3D with all premium options plus the Roush Stage 2.
Photos here: Ford Roush Focus?sort=6&page=1

Thanks in advance for any input

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Probably as a whole. The only thing people would want are the scoop ($75) and front bumper ($500). Sell as is and keep it together for another enthusiast.

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Hey Focus John.. do you still have your 2004 Ford Focus Roush for sale?
i have one as well and i don't know what to do with it as i am looking to buy a st i love the car but i want somethiong a bit more family freindly i have one ever owned focuass and want to stay with the name foucas
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