2006 Ford Focus zx4 ST (5 speed)
132k on body
52k on swapped 2.5 duratec from a 2014 ford fusion. (little more than 4k of it has been since the swap)

Engine is running 2.3 timing set up and cam gears , vct delete, balance shaft delete, using factory five ford 2.5 intake to 2.3 throttle body adapter and idle air valve relocation.
Every sensor on the car is new
New cat back exhaust.
New Front wheel bearings and wheel sensors (both sides)
New clutch (factory svt clutch set up.)
New fuel pump
New headlight housings and LED head lamps

Car is in great shape overall, it does have a few dings and marks here and there but the car has literally no rust anywhere. (which for its age and being a ohio car is unheard of) its been very well taken care of and spent a lot of its life inside a garage during the winters. so its seen VERY little snow or salted roads.
Interior is in VERY good shape, black leather with black sueded inserts.
Heated seats, power windows, locks and sunroof. Traction control works.
6 disc in dash audiophile head unit with sony speakers and factory subwoofer in trunk.
Full SAP factory body kit, Front bumper, rear bumper with valance plate, and rally style wing.

I decided to do the engine swap after i hit something on the highway, dumped all my oil and blew the head on the 2.3 back in december. (because the swap was significantly cheaper to do than the overall price of the 2.3 repair.) Did the swap, rebuilt front hub assemblies on both sides, new wheel bearings, sensors, etc. Car ran and drove fine up until Thursday. Thursday evening I got in it and turned the key and had no start. car cranks, but wont turn over. its getting fuel to the fuel rail, doesnt seem be getting fuel from injectors. I put on a new crankshaft sensor (for the 2nd time since i got the car) and a new camshaft sensor and nothing changed... I bought the car to be a daily and quite honestly as fun as the car is to drive when its up and running I am completely OVER working on the thing.

Im sure the issue is something little that Im over looking, as it drove perfectly fine 8 hours earlier, but im just no longer interested in wrenching on it. its had a TON of work done, car is a blast to drive when running correctly (and ive been to traffic court to prove it lol.) im just over the entire thing. wanted to relive my youth when i had a 05 zx3 svt and although I love the car Im well past loving working on and trouble shooting it.
My loss is your gain, can show videos of the engine running.

Im open to offers, wont let it go for less than i can part the car out for. Id hate to part it out because its in VERY good condition for being a car from ohio.
I have WAAAY more money invested in the car than Im asking for... just trying to make it worth my while not to strip it out.