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I swapped out the evaporator housing in my focus and am selling the one I removed. Here are the problems it has:
  • The evaporator core is leaking
  • The vent doors are sticking
  • The recirculation door is stripped out but I have put a metal pin in that and epoxied it to the shaft and the recirc motor works the door
None of the plastic outside and none of the doors inside are cracked. I didn’t want to take the extra time to fix the sticky rubber seals on the plastic doors so I bought the whole assembly new and replaced it. This one would be great for someone that had cracked plastic or just wanted to fix one up and swap it in without having to pull theirs out first.
It came out of a 2007 4 door hatchback. I am asking $75.00 for it plus whatever it costs to ship to the buyer from Troy Missouri.
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