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Hello Everyone,

My mother has just purchased a 07 Focus 4dr SE. The "passenger airbag off" light on the dash below the hazard button does not stay lit when the seat is empty. When a passenger exits the vehicle, the light will illuminate for approx. 2 seconds and then go out. I take this to mean the pass airbag is armed even though the seat is empty. I have checked the connections and all appears to be well. As an experiment, I set a gallon jug of water in the passenger seat and applied slight pressure to the seat back. The pass airbag light illuminated and stayed lit until I removed my hand from the seat back. I have read the owners manual several times and it appears to contradict itself. On one page, it specifically states the light should stay lit when the seat is empty or basically anything in the seat besides an adult. On the next page it states just the opposite, the light will not be lit even though the seat is empty. Now, I am asking this because she previously owned a 07 Focus SE 4Dr that was cut and dry so to speak. Seat was empty, light was on. Anything but an adult in the seat, light on. An adult sits in the seat, light goes off. I am hoping some of you guys might be able to shed some light on this (no pun intended). Thanks for your time.

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