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Custom Tuning

For those that dont know I do Custom Tuning for the Ford Focus , I have successfully been tuning the Ford Focus for 16 years from NA to Boosted

I tune both the Manual and the ATX Trans and have been very successful with the ATX where other shops no longer tune them

You will see better over all driveability , quicker shifts , most say better MPG , more mid range HP/TQ With my Custom Tune most say from start through WOT that the Focus drives better

I charge 462.00 for the xcal4 Flasher , Full Custom Tune ( not a canned tune called a custom tune ) Free Tune updates as you add more NA mods , My datalogging services where we will datalog to make your tune a true custom tune , shipping and paypal

By doing a custom tune you can get the tune tailored to your Focus how you drive and how you want things to work , If you dont datalog and email your Tuner datalogs then it isnt a custom tune its a canned tune , A Custom Tune will always work and drive better

If you have any questions please let me know

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