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This will be the full MK3 kit , SCT XCAL4 Flasher , Full Custom Tune 3980.00

If you already have a SCT XCAL4 deduct 250.00 total of 3730.00

The First MK3 Full kit has been running for a year now no issues and there both DCT

I dont have dynos of this kit yet that I can post , thats why I want to get a few more out there hoping some one can get one on a dyno after tuning

After these 10 are sold the Full Turbo kit will go up to 4420.00 + shipping and paypal

This kit is built and shipped from Taiwan but is made with quality parts , I wouldnt be selling these through my business if I didnt feel they were good kits and I have built a lot of Turbo kits and tuned a lot and this will make MK3 Owners a great reliable Turbo kit

This MK3 Full Turbo Kit is for the DCT and 5sp

This is + shipping , Shipping is a flat 300.00 US or Canada if you pay with paypal add 3% so right now its like getting free shipping and no paypal fee

2 Kits are already sold

Please let me know if you have any questions


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Any photos Tom?

I'd be curious how this setup looks and sounds. Nice that you're helping out the non-ST guys.

For all the DCTs drawbacks, I bet it does nice with some power behind it.

Do you do E85 and 93 tuning for the flex fuel cars?

- Drew
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