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2015 SE - Help Identify Body Panel Trim Bumper/Rocker Panel/Spoiler/Valance

I have a 2015 SE with the sports package. It has the body color painted rocker panels. In a construction area there was a large hole in the road and it was deep enough to scrape the bottom of the front nose/bumper. I have been looking to see if there is a painted replacement to purchase for this but I can not seem to identify it correctly. When searching for a 2015 painted rocker panel, front spoiler, bumper, I can not find an exact match. What is the proper name for this? Do you know where I could find a red (paint color code PQ) replacement? Part Number?


{UPDATE} - I believe that I found it. It is a "Bumper Valance Panel". Part numbers 17626B, FM5Z-17626-ACPTM
If someone could validate and recommend where to find the best price, that would be good.
Thank you,

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