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2016 focus st won't engage 5th or 6th

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I just had a transmission with 35k mile on it put into my focus, the car drove great for 2 weeks, just drove it back from work and when i went to put it into 5th it felt like it hit a wall, then i tried 6th and same thing. it feels like 3rd is where 5th is and 4th is where 6th is if that makes sense, the shifter seems to be pushed alot more to the right then center when it is in neutral, Reverse and 1-4 work fine, engine has 100k miles, only trans related mod it a dual disc clutch which i've been looking into getting rid of as it rattles like crazy. but cant see to figure out the issue at hand. any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I did do this but I never pushed the lever to the passenger side, I will retry and see if that works, thank you
that sadly didn’t seem to do it, there is way less play on the right side of the shifter then on the left, I believe it has to do with the linkage cable but not sure what part about it
Just 2 videos showing what it looks like one with and one without boot cover
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