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Any one else see the October issue of Performance Ford magazine. I was looking throught the mags at barnes and Noble yesterday and found it. Since it is a magazine published in England, almost all of the articles and pics are about Cozzie's or some other cars Ive never heard of before.
But this month the cover story was a 370hp focus.
The Focus is owned by some Ford tuning guru named Ian Howell.
The specs are.. Engine: Zetec WRC carbon graphite block, 86mm bore, 88mm stroke, arrow forged connecting rods, arp rod bolts, Arias pistons, Zetec head, Kent cams, Garret t 3/4 turbo with .63 stage 3 exhaust hosuing and turbine wheel, and Audi wastegate, Focus Sport exhaust manifold, custom 3" exhaust, Ford 56mm throttle body, four Weber 430cc/min injectors, and 4 205cc/min Bosch injectors, 3bar map sensor, and Pectal T2 ECU.

If I get a chance, I will scan the photo's and post them later.
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