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95 dodge dakota problem

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I want to change the plugs on this pig but its got some metal heat shields (tube shaped) around the plugs and I cant get a spark plug socket into the narrow hole. Are you suppose to remve this shield? how?
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I just changed the plugs on my 98 Dak (5.2L V8) and had similiar shields. It's just like they took a pipe and put it around the plug, right?

Try a smaller socket. The plugs on the Dakota's are smaller in dia, you should be able to get them out without removing shields etc.

I dunno if you know about but it's a decent forum for Daks. Check it out. Good luck
Thanks J I want to pay off my SVT and get a RT Dakota. I think I like the dakota the best of all the mid sized trucks except for the Cyclone but who wants to drive one of those in the winter.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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