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My mom lucked out a few years back and got a 95 Accord that was parked under a tree for 6 years with 8K on the odo. (It was a steal of a deal

It runs great, but we've been having problems with the brakes. (Jittering at High Speed)

My dad has had the rotors resurfaced at least 3 times but it still keeps on happening.

Can someone tell me if this is a common problem, or point me to a good resource for hondas.

I think i'm going to look into replacing the rotors with something aftermarket, so if you could also point me toward a respectable brand/co I'd appreciate that.

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Ozmotear this is a general idea since you didn't mention which version Accord it is such as a DX,LX(front rotors,rear drums) or EX(front and rear rotors) or if it has ABS but I would recommend replacing the rotors and brake pads since:

1. The car sat idle for so long and the rotors were already resurfaced several times.
2. The rotors should have a minimum thickness marking on them and if it is at or below that number the rotors are not good.Any decent brake shop can use a micrometer to measure the overall thickness.
3. Bleed all of the brake calipers(EX) and/or cylinders(DX,LX) several times to make sure all of the air is out of the brake lines.
4. Make sure the rear brakes are working correctly because if not more stopping power is going to be used by the front brakes causing more heat build up and thus warping them again.

Anyway I hope this helps you some.Others may post different things for you to look at but like I said the above is just an idea for you.Good luck and keep us posted.
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