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A chance for you FJer's to make some $$MONEY$$!!!

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A chance for you FJer\'s to make some $$MONEY$$!!!

I have recently started my own business in website design.

I am offering a 10% monthly referral fee to anyone that sends me a client that needs a website built.

My first major project was is still very much a work in progress

I have just signed up....

I am working on those two right now and they will be up and running well as my site for ddE LLC.

The deal:
I will send you 10% of what that particular company contracts at. So if you refer someone to me that ends up paying $1500/month that means you will recieve $150/month from me for every month they are my client.

This is a WIN WIN SITUATION for everyone on

I can work with any type of company....I am not just limited to car parts. Just let me know what is needed.

Web Designer

You can reach me at [email protected] for the time being if you have any questions.
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