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A couple pics of my new turbo kit!

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Here is a few pics of the new turbo manifold from the new focus turbo kits the shop I go to is producing. I dont have my car back yet but here is a couple pics of it installed. More to come soon! Let me know what you think !

NEW Turbo Manifold! This thing is SEXY!

Here it is installed on my car.

More pics to come soon!
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uhh dude your oil cap is broken just a heads up
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Damn that's nice!! Wish I could get one also.
Haha yeah. The oil caps are actually 2 part though. Just the top part popped off the actual cap. So its still sealed off and such. Will post more pics when I get my ride back here in the next few days. Also gonna be prettying up the engine bay / motor
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I got a question for ya! What shop is doing all this stuff for you?
Krazy Koncepts! Its in like the Gresham area off of Burnside. Check em out. Best work I've ever had done to my car. Wont let anyone besides them touch it.
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